40 useful tips to lose weight

how to lose weight tips

Restrictions, nutrition, fitness, motivation the basic methods of losing weight is known, but small, but a couple of useful tricks to know.

The list of 40 simple and sometimes very unexpected recommendations, helping you to lose weight for a long time to excessive straining.

  1. A fee nearly daily calories, multiply your weight in kilograms, which is a formula that can determine weight 0,45 per share 14.
    Weight in KG : 0.45 x 14
    If you want to lose weight, stay in shape and just apply the same process calculation, actual weight instead of the holder just requested. Adhering to these low figures, incredulous tomorrow you will, the weight, although slowly but it isn't.

  2. Sprinkle with cinnamon puree, yogurt, coffee and any other food, with which this spice. That ability to accelerate, promote metabolism and helps you in just half a teaspoon a day about a kilogram a month discount.

  3. Food at the office if lunch not always, a desk for the reply. Research shows that sitting in front of a monitor or on a TV screen, people consume an average of 250 calories more.

  4. Laugh often. 10-15 minutes of laughter every day 280 kcal weekly calorie consumption increases.

  5. carrot juice
  6. Thanks to its content in fiber and low-calorie , carrot juice helps to lose weight 1,8 kg 1,5-2 months. Norm of consumption — 1 cup (200 ml) per day.

  7. Buy pod calcium. This trace mineral stimulate the breakdown of fat and this process is over 2.6% more effective.

  8. During sports activities or a simple walk listen to upbeat music — this motivational physical activity helps you deal with it long.

  9. The power of lean red meat exclusion. Mass tissue burns more calories and protein rich foods help establish Nov Nov more fat, even at rest.

  10. Drag Sport Club Friends. According to statistics, the familiar weight of a group of people involved in sports are 30% more powerful, one of the athletes.

  11. Eat less salt and more red pepper in your eyes. Salt-free diet helps get rid of excess fluid and pepper contains the ingredient capsaicin, accelerating the metabolism of 25%.

  12. According to a survey of British doctors, one of the main reasons of spontaneous overeating — the workplace stress. If you are nervous, sit down and take a few deep breaths, diaphragmatic breathing is a breathing technique you can try when at the expense of profit). Slowly give it up, difficulties and wishes to get their hands does not occur.

  13. With sports better, this is the first meal until morning. First, this day forward it will accelerate your metabolism for one, and secondly, the body has to expend energy, and you received any food from the same adipose tissue.

  14. Use soy sauce. New research of soy protein in a special way affects our taste buds and why the feeling of fast saturation.

  15. Before serving lunch at your desk every time, the answer is it's better to cut any food into large pieces. This is to consume approximately 20% less calories, because before sliced bread servings as you it seems, a single piece of service to more people. Trick your eyes and stomach at the same time deceiving you.

  16. treadmill
  17. The most effective exercise in terms of burning calories) treadmill. After jogging the most effective load — simple and take a walk outside the city walls, which you can gym.

  18. An excellent breakfast in a recognized British Nutrition hard-boiled egg, a piece of bread or fruit. Eggs, rich in protein, the more calories the body thus reinforced, the presence of this carbohydrate throughout the day to be roasted and will charge your energy and it won't soon I'm getting hungry.

  19. Red wine prevents the formation of body fat of the abdomen; such a composition provides an effect from the substance of a grape in turn. Just don't overdo it: one glass a day will be enough.

  20. Open, comfortable, classical music, sit down and eat something. People to eat less would be accompanied by Under average 15-20, chew more slowly and eat better because.

  21. Chew thoroughly. Try to chew every bite of food at least 25 times before sending it to the stomach. The positive effects associated Two was not long in coming: first, this kind of food is easier to digest; the latter is warned massage gums periodontal disease.

  22. Chew sugarless gum after eating and two hours after. This will help to cope with hunger unwilling.

  23. Pomegranate Snack. A substance that contains the seeds of this fruit, prevention, education, appetite, body fat and sweet taste does not opens.

  24. It is not possible to cook meat in a pan, in the oven or grill (there is no such property, the most modern stoves). The images in this manner of operation and frying the meat excess fat, or vice versa, it adds.

  25. Special Yesil combined with caffeine tea antioxidanta accelerates, oil recycling, energy. Therefore, regular consumption, the ability to drink overclocking metabolism of almost 20%.

  26. Lettuce and other greens instead of fresh spinach. Low in calories, the fiber helps you to be free, it's more effective for the body and helps the digestive system to break down fat.

  27. goat cheese
  28. Try goat cheese instead of cow: that's 40% less calories, but not as useful as the content items.

  29. Instead of pasta or oats, use lentils or beans as a side dish. They contain plenty of fiber and legumes helps to get rid of thanks to a specific amino acid active fat deposits. 2,5 months to "bean diet paste" you can reset up to 7 kg.

  30. The oils on your own menu it can't be completely rule out, at least the absorption of many vitamins and minerals required for them. Instead, the best "healthy", so instead of fat dairy and meat products, turkey meat, fish, flax seed and olive oil, eggs, nuts. Studies, such a replacement not only promote weight loss, but is extremely useful for the heart.

  31. Don't skip breakfast. Disclaimer increases in the morning, a total of about 100 of your daily calorie intake.

  32. Though apples stimulates the production of gastric juice and provoke an appetite, consumption of apples 15 minutes before lunch or dinner is always the answer, reducing total food calories per 150 to 200 days. Scientists explain this effect of apples are high fiber.

  33. Salad, flavored extra virgin olive oil, better diet, more dry vegetables. When we consume olive oil, a special protein that is produced in the body and "report" hunger appeased our brain. Therefore, if you suppress appetite and eating less anymore.

  34. Tomatoes contain a rare component overwhelming, the hunger hormone production in the body. Need to add a couple of slices of their evening has to offer for the action every time, by putting the answer in the morning, a sandwich or eggs.

  35. Dec Perfect 3 hours between meals. If you expect evening snack or any time of the answer for a longer period your blood sugar starts to "gallop", food and sizzle to jump metabolism and risk binge eating.

  36. Add meat and vegetable dishes, red pepper. Him almost calories, but there are many stored fat necessary for vitamin C recycling energy.

  37. Together with olive oil, vinegar or salad stuffed its basis in ordinary sauces. Acid contains speeds up the decomposition process of fat and helps to lose weight.

  38. food on the go
  39. Go eat. The guy who's sitting at the table eats 30% less.

  40. Those who eat little eats. As they say, people always unconsciously compare their measurements psychologists servings of lunch, and set them neighboring with the answer. Therefore, women, men, diners, usually the food, 20-35% more than normal. Here's a few meal has a girlfriend, or has an opposite effect.

  41. Not there, the seat immediately sports or other heavy load, what is tired. The decomposition process oil and an easy walk 15-20 minutes pass, sudden stop, reverse, minimize the effect of the efforts of will download.

  42. Energy drinks 4-8 times high-calorie coffee and high blood sugar the figures are encouraging. So even if you dissolve a cup of coffee, it helps your metabolism speed up a little bit in the fight against overweight, the energy of hearts, on the contrary, it may be because excess weight.

  43. Drink package fruit juices: they have too much sugar, and relatively many calories (40-60, 100 ml). Fresh calories are approximately the same, but I included them digestible sugars and eat more fiber.

  44. Calories of skim milk about 2 times less than inmore normal, but the same amounts of calcium and phosphorus in the strengthening oil processing cells. In addition, leads to an increase in fat content of milk is harmful for heart and vascular, it was found that Jy.

  45. Even if too tired, never don't neglect an intimate life. Sex burns 150 calories in 20 minutes and encourage the production of a special hormone accelerates the metabolism.

  46. Slice of bread, sausage and cheese into thin, transparent slices. The visual trick of the experiment in my belly.

  47. Fish once a week at the hotel. The body needs vitamin D within the scope of a week. Except for some species of fish, contains very little fat and well fed. Marine fish also lowers blood cholesterol levels.

  48. Always in the house, dried fruit, e.g. prunes, dried apples. Between meals for those who visit work, a severe famine, food slice 3-4 apples or prunes the same.

  49. Figure contains less sodium (in the body of liquid and binding), but too much potassium (banishing him). If you can try yourself at least once a week day rice (just add neutral or alkaline mine water, but oil!), tomorrow for something incredulous, fluid and metabolic end products 1 kg body weight.

Wanting to get rid of the extra weight, all the women the fastest way to slimming. But slimming it should not be forgotten – this is hard work and physically and ethics. To simplify this process, use the tips in the adhering to effective EU railway standard problematic result.